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Posted May 21, 2017

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Press Release from StemConnecter and NAMS on "Day of Design" October 6, 2017--Design Thinking Initiative


It is graduation season and ATEA salutes you.

Friends and colleagues,

It is graduation season and ATEA salutes each of our college members for the important work you do to create opportunity and success for your students. As our organization has done for decades we we will continue to recognize students, faculty and staff for outstanding contributions to their communities. This year is no different we are already looking forward to reading the ATEA awards nominations and soon we will have our call for proposals to present at our regional and national conference. I encourage you to become an engaged member by participating in ATEA events. The professional experience is amazing and the friendships you develop will last throughout your entire career. I am in my 33rd year as an educator and I find great comfort when I reconnect with my fellow teaching buddies.

Your ATEA board and executive Director have been hard at work preparing for the 2017-18 events. There are many to choose from and each offer unique look into innovation, technological advancement and successful educational practice. You can learn more about our regional and national events at ATEAonline.org

Building on our history we have begun to engage new industry partners, expanded legislative advocacy and strengthen our bench with strong board leadership. As a fellow member of ATEA I can confidently say that we are stronger today because of your involvement. Our members give us the capacity to share best practices, collaborate on new initiatives and link to industry in a meaningful way.

This year our annual conference will expand our outreach into the health, public safety and information technology fields. We will also continue to showcase the importance of the manufacturing, transportation and energy sectors.

While many are still putting the finishing touches on the current school year it is not to early to start planning for next year. I hope to see you throughout the coming months.



 Dr. Bryan Albrecht

ATEA President,

President Gateway Technical College 

ATEA System Level Members


click  here for 2017 Awards lunch and keynote 

Adam Wills, Master Instructor in Drafting and CAD Technology,TCAT Nashville, designed the centerpieces to incorporate the musical history of Nashville with a guitar pick for the base and a rendering of the microphone still  used by the Nashville Radio station which broadcasts from the Grand Old Opry and the three sides that show the partnerships that produced this conference, the Tennessee Board of Regents, the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology and the American Technical Education Association.  TCAT's from across the state 3D printed center pieces for the Awards Luncheon with seating for 700 attendees.

 James King Interview March 15, 2017 Opening Event 54th ATEA National Conference, Nissan Training Center, TCAT Murfreesboro-- the value of ATEA conferences for professional development and sharing of best practiced and technical trends.


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