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Welcome to ATEA 

founded in New York in1928 to promote technical education is a national association with participants in 46 states, a national board from 15 states that produces Best Practice Calls, conferences on 8 sectors identified in the fall: manufacturing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, allied health care, aerospace, agriculture--precision and livestock, forest products, and this year transportation--logistics-land and water.  We welcome participation at our conferences, we welcome you as members--get active about the future of jobs and innovation--make a difference.

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ATEA 2021 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Taskforce

Board TAsk Force Leadership

Anthony Landis, Director of Postsecondary Education for the Ohio Department of Higher Education

Dr.  Shawn Mackey Deputy Executive Director of Programs and Accountability, Mississippi Community College Board

Chelle Travis, Executive Director of Skills USA

Dr. Lin Zhou, President, Bates Technical College, Tacoma WA

The ATEA Board of Trustees Announces the Board Appointment of Dr. Sheree Utash 

 Dr. Sheree Utash, President

Wichita State University Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology and

Vice President of Workforce Development Wichita State University

President Sheree Utash Biography.doc

ATEA Announces the national conference

April 26, 27 and 28 2022

"The Renaissance of Technical Education"

Manufacturing, Allied Health, Agriculture and Forestry and Transportation--ground, air, EV, and logistics

Opening Day Artificial Intelligence with each sector Identifying its use and for some the ROI of the investment in it.

Hybrid--all virtual with a base location for those who prefer the connection and excitement of an ATEA Conference.

Thank YOu Bismarck State College for 

"Technical Education, Ahead of the Curve"


American Technical Education Association Board and Presenters

for the partnership that delivered this conference on

cybersecurity,  allied  health, energy, online learning and the value of a polytechnic

President Doug Jensen welcomed the American Technical Education Association

Thank you to the Bismarck State College Conference Leadership Team

Dr. Daniel Leingang

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mari Volk

Dean of New and Emerging Technologies

Dean Bruce Emmil

National  Energy Center of Excellence

Alison Zarr

Program Manager, Continuing Education and TrainND

Thank you  to ATEA  committee member