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Marion College, Marion Ohio

Marion Technical College offers an associates degree in Bioscience Technology which opens up occupational jobs in medicine, agriculture, manufacturing and criminal justice.  Another growing employment area is Pharmacy Technology Associates Degree.

Marion Technical College and North Central State College have entered into a partnership in order to offer an associate degree in Bioscience Technology to MTC students.  This consortium allows MTC students to take general education courses at MTC, and a blend of bioscience technology courses from North Central State College.

Bioscience is one of the newest areas of interest in the medical, agricultural, manufacturing and criminal justice fields.  This broad-based program will give you the basic knowledge required by the versatile careers available, as well as the processes, techniques and safety issues required in the lab.  Bioscience covers a wide selection of scientific disciplines that covers living organisms from the smallest living organisms to the largest. Scientists involved in this area seek to improve chemical process and organisms.

To learn more about what you will learn and career outlooks in Bioscience


A pharmacy technician's primary job is to receive and fill prescription requests for patients. These prescription requests can come from hospitals, physicians, nurses or directly from the patient. Their work is supervised by a licensed pharmacist. The preparation of a prescription requires several tasks. The duties carried out by pharmacy technicians can include: retrieving prescription orders; counting, pouring, measuring and weighing tablets and medications; mixing medications; selecting the proper prescription container; creating prescription labels.  After the prescription is filled, the pharmacy tech prices and files it. A licensed pharmacist then checks the completed prescription before it is given to the patient.

The pharmacy tech's job also extends to the daily operation of the pharmacy itself, including interactions with hospitals and patients. Some other, non-medication-related duties include: preparing insurance claim forms; maintaining patient profiles; completing cash register transactions; answering phones; taking inventory of over-the-counter medications; being aware of the latest medicines and their availability.

To learn more about what you will learn and career outlooks in Pharmacy Technology

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