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  • Digitization- in technical education--"End to End Digitization"

The American Technical Education Association held its 2nd special focus conference for ATEA members and technical educators in the host region.

2019--"End to End Digitization" hosted by Dassault Systemes, Waltham Massachusetts November 7-9 with a tour of Olin College of Engineering, Newton MA

2018 "Impact of the Gigafactory on Reno's Regional Economy" hosted by Truckee Meadows Community College with tour of the Gigafactory, owned 80% by Tesla and 20% by Panasonic Energies of North American


Olin College of Engineering, L-R Dr. James Sherrard, Three Rivers Community College, Al Bunshaft,Dassault Systemes,  Janet Nurenberg, Industrial Mechanics Program Mangager, Dunwoody College of Technology, Dr. Alex Clifford, AVP, Maine College of Health Professions, Mary Kaye Bredeson, Ex Director COE Advanced Manufacturing and Aeronautics, Everett WA. Marie Price, Director of Training, Idaho Forest Group, Elizabeth,  Clemson University, North Charleston SC,  Jonathan Aurand,  Assistant Professor Manufacturing Engineering, Dunwoody College of Technology and John Columbia, Assistant Professor of Software Engineering, Dunwoody College of Technology

JP Laguarre, Dassault Systemes Examples of Student Competitions to Drive Learning and Increase Diversity

"Digitization: the new common fabric of work and education:" Dr. Alex Clifford, Maine College of Health Professions, Dr. Chitra Javdekar, Dean of STEM programs, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Dr. James Sherrard, Chair of Nuclear Programs Three Rivers Community College, Mr. Brad Mingels, Director of Academic Programs, Francis College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, moderator Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President of ATEA Board of Trustees and President and CEO of Gateway Technical College, Racine/Kenosha, Wisconsin

Virtual City-- a study of Singapore lead by Jayne Stafstrom, EBC Specialist, Dassault Systemes, in the photo, left Cliff Smith, Associate Chief of Facilities, Kansas City Kansas Community College, right--Jonathan Aurand, Dunwoody College of Technology and John Columbia, Dunwoody College of Technology

Virtual heart domonstration, Ramesh Holdnari, VP, Platform Consulting, Dassault Systemes- Right Dr. Jon Connolly, President Sussex County Community College, Newton, New Jersey and Janet Nurnenburg, Dunwoody College of Technology

Massachusetts Education Secretary James Peyser's keynote

Massachusetts Secretary of Education Jim Peyer keynote to American Technical Education Association Region 1 conference hosted by Dassault Systemes, Waltham MA.pdf

Olin College of Engineering, Newton Massachusetts

President Richard Miller's white papers

Rethinking Engineering from the Ground Up, Richard Miller President, Olin College of Engineering.pdf

Rebalancing Engineering Education (May '15).pdf

Importance of Mindset, Richard Miller President of Olin College of Engineering.pdf

Link to Youtube Olin's Hopper Project--new students make an object mov


American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

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Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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