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American Technical Education Association

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  • "The Renaissance of Technical Education" 2022

The American Technical Education Association

convenes technical educators: faculty, directors, deans, vice presidents, presidents with employers of the workforce of America--around sectors to share best practice, build relationships, identify technology and trends that are or will effect technical education.

If you want to be a sector Champion or Connector for 2023, please become a member by September 2022 when we build the program.  

Champions and Conveneor build the programs. You can particpate as an expert, faculty  without being a member. 

   ATEA welcomes business sponsors for each sector.


Wednesday April 27

Thursday April 28

Conference Platinum Sponsor

American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

Dunwoody College of Technology
818 Dunwoody Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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