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American Technical Education Association

From Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President, Gateway Technical College 


On Monday in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Madison and the City of Racine we announced "The Badger" a fully autonomous vehicle. We have received many questions about the vehicle so I thought you might be interested in the following video prepared by Mellissa Martin from Lab Midwest. Melissa was one of the first people to ride in the vehicle and did an excellent job capturing the experience.  Please feel free to share the link with others interested in connected systems and autonomous vehicle technology. 

The Badger!


Ivy Tech Community College's new program that integrates skills

Jay Lee Foxconn and Gateway Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing

ATEA's national conference will include a sector 2 hour session on Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing hosted by  Bryan Albrecht and Ray Koukari with examples from Foxconn and Jay Lee is invited as the sector expert.

Add interest and humor to your zoom meetings with cards and t-shirts or go Bridges of Southern New Mexico website on workforce training, 4 year, 2 year, high school and right to work needed in the energy sector.  Tracey Bryan, CEO and President

Science in the Age of Experience, Dassault Systemes sponsored conference, October 14 and 15, Harvard Medical School Conference site.

Science in the Age of Experience


View from Glen Spielbauer ATEA Life Time member and retired from electronics Optex in Texas

His views on training and careers--worth a readTechnical Career Analysis Glen Spielbauer ATEA Lilfe Member worked in electronrics for Optex in Texas.pdf

SPACEPORTS  and Technical Colleges

ATEA Executive Director Krebsbach's presentation to the Management of Technology masters students at the University of Minnesota Technical Leadership Institute, April 6, 2018 on "Spaceports" and the role of technical education with related industries.   Presentation on Spaceports April 5, 2018.pptx.    Photo features Virgin Galactic Space launch 747's.  Texas State Technical College Waco provides 50% of the technical workers at   L-3's Waco facility that strengthened the 747 wings to carry the rocket. 


February 3, 2018 Click to view video on human transportation


June 13, 2017 post

Ivy Tech, Northeast, Fort Wayne, Indiana--Dean Darrel Kesler's Advanced Automotive and Robotics Program has been selected for an award from the National Council for Workforce Education Exemplary Program Award. 

June 13, 2017 post

Executive Director's Choice for Tech Insight

Executive Director's choice for Tech Trends in learning spaces

Dr. Nate Barry's video of the upcoming Construction Education Center on Fort Omaha Metropolitan Community College Campus.  Collborative space in the center--capstone lab--the team work required in the construction industry--problem solving, lean construction, 3D printing, industry engagement--where community and innovation connect.  Prototype technology center.


Tech Trends in use of telepresence in automotive technology

Video sent by Lonni Lunin, Automotive Instructor, Dunwoody College of Technology.  Use of robots in Audi Services.

Tech Update from ATEA Robotic telepresence




 ATEA 2017 Conferences

Region 5--October 12-13 "Ride the Wave of Success" Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Moorhead MN

Region 1--19-20  ATEA Board meeting, Sussex County Community College, Newton, New Jersey

Region 6 and 3  November 10-11, Tesla Gigafactory and Panasonic--What was the impact on training to meet their workforce needs? How has the use of solar energy and other renewable effected the construction of the Gigafactory.?  HostTruckee Meadow Community College, Reno, Nevada 

ATEA Service Award

North Dakota State College of Science Dean Barbara Bang received ATEA Service Award at her retirement reception on January 20 for supporting faculty ATEA memberships, organized an ATEA Regional Conference in 2013 and her own membership.  Dean Bang commented  "It goes back to the 70's and that I can still remember the first regional conference I went to in 1979 in North Platte, NE.  I even spoke at that one and others in the 80's and 90's and beyond.   Thank you Dean Barbarb Bang for your Service to American Technical Education Association.

L-R: Harvey Link, VP Academic Affairs, Terry Marohl, Chair: Transportation, James Erdahl, ATEA Region 5 past president, Region 5 Representative and Chair: Auto Repair and Refinishing Technology Dept, Steve Johnson, Chair Manufacturing Dept; Award recipient Barbara Bang—Dean of Technologies and Services, and Rick Hendrickson, Information and Communications Technology Dept. Associate Prof

American Technical Education Association

premier association for the post secondary technical educator, with emphasis on professional development.

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Dr. Sandra Krebsbach, Executive Director

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